We don't just serve tea at Baskervilles.

We have a great range of coffee and colds drinks.

See the display fridge for the current selection of drinks.

Cold drinks

Chegworth Valley Hand Selected Farm Pressed Juices

A selection of the finest English fruit juices freshly pressed from fruit grown and hand selected on a family farm in the beautiful Chegworth Valley in the Kent countryside.*

Try Elderflower, Lemongrass and Ginger Cordial with sparkling or still water 
Traditional Ginger Beer
Traditional Lemonade   
Glass of orange juice   

Sparkling and still spring water    500ml

Baskervilles blend coffee

A house blend of Columbian and Java coffee roasted and freshly ground (also available as decaffinated).

Choose how you want it- Espresso, Macchiato, Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino  - Small or Large, Latte, Mocha all available with and extra shot.

Bambino chino

Children's drink of hot milk with froth on top, sprinkled with chocolate

Long hot chocolate - made with quality hot chocolate

Fair-trade hot chocolate
Try either with a marshmallow or shot of syrup.

*For further information on Chegworth Valley fruit juices go to http://www.chegworthvalley.com/

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