Speciality teas and infusions

  Speciality Teas/Infusions - £2.85


Alderman's Afternoon

A classic blend of light, citrus Sri Lankan Uva and refreshing, aromatic Indian Darjeeling that has hints of grape-like or 'muscatel' notes. (Indian Darjeeling and Sri Lankan Uva black tea).

De-caffeinated tea

A delicate black tea with plenty of flavour, but without the hit of caffeine - perfect with or without milk. (Decaffeinated Sri Lankan Uva black tea).

Old Park Estate

The age-old classic black tea from the Assam region of North India - thick, gutsy and malty with plenty of the finest golden tips. (Indian Assam black tea).

Goodwins Grey

The classic zesty black tea with a twist of citrus aroma and plenty of colour - blended with Bergamot oil for a floral, yet lemon-like flavour. (Sri Lankan Uva black tea, Orange flowers, Orange peel and natural Bergamot oil).

Jewel Masala Chai

Typically drunk in India in small glasses or terracotta cups, this sweet, spicy and milky black tea is a taste sensation and guilty pleasure. (Indian Assam black tea, ginger, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom).

Rosy Lee

Black tea with a rich vanilla and floral aroma - perfect for those who want something a little different with or without milk. (Sri Lankan black tea, Chinese black tea, rose petals, vanilla and natural flavour).

The Orchard

Apple pie in a tea - yes please! Black tea with hints of apple, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. (Sri Lankan black tea, cinnamon, cloves, apple pieces and natural flavour).

Jasmine Lakes

Classic Jasmine green tea from China - with naturally sweet and floral flavour and aroma. (Chinese Jasmine green tea).

Clappers Green

Smooth, delicate and light Chinese Chunmee green tea that is full of flavour without nasty bitterness. (Chinese green tea).

Groveland Ginger

Lemon and ginger green tea like you've never tasted before, full of zesty flavour and plenty of ginger warmth. (Chinese green tea, ginger, lemongrass, lemon peel and natural flavour).

Palace View

A beautiful, calming and floral blend that will soothe and relax -chamomile, rose and verbena for both body and soul. (Chamomile flowers, rose petals and lemon verbena).


Packing a citrus punch, this zesty blend of orange and lemon will refresh and revive the senses. (Lemongrass, lemon verbena, orange peel and orange flowers).

Rainbow Infusion

A burst of colour and vibrant flavour. A blend of flowers and fruits for a berry and citrus delight for the senses. (Hibiscus, rosehip, lemon verbena, apple, orange flowers, orange peel, cornflowers and natural flavour).

The Lodge

Rich and sweet with honey top notes and subtle aroma of smoky tobacco and hints of citrus, with a Rooibos base, it is the caffeine-free alternative to tea. (South African Rooibos and Orange peel).

Peppermint Park

Classic peppermint for cooling and digestive properties, blended with liquorice root for naturally sweet flavour and fennel for cleansing nature. (Peppermint, fennel and liquorice).


Remember to leave all our teas to brew for 3 minutes before you drink them.

All our teas have been specially selected and blended by our tea partner - Blends for Friends-http://www.blendsforfriends.com/